Loss of Use

What is Loss of Use

Loss of Use is what an insurance carrier owes for the downtime or “Loss of Use” created from a not-at – fault accident. You are entitled to compensation for a similar rental vehicle or the monetary difference between the vehicle involved in the accident and what the insurance company provided as a replacement. Value Adjust will create a detailed report and negotiate on your behalf to obtain an accurate settlement. Depending on the severity of your loss and the type of vehicle damaged, you may be owed thousands of dollars.
Here is an example of a Loss of use settlement obtained for our client







Elizabeth D.

New York

2017 Bentley GTC



All State

If you were in a not-at-fault accident, did the insurance company place you in a comparable vehicle or were you provided a vehicle of less substance? Call today to discuss obtaining a settlement for the Loss of Use of your vehicle. We will provide a free consultation to let you know if you are entitled to compensation.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Great company, easy to deal with and walked me through the process”

Russ P.

“My 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo suffered a rear end collision. After being offered next to nothing for the Diminishment of value, we called Value Adjust. The team took on the case and negotiated the settlement. Thank you, Guys!!!”

Roger H. 

“Fast, informative and easy to deal with!”

Bill M. 

“Super happy we came across these guys! We had no idea we could negotiate our insurance claim!!! Greg was amazing to work with!”

Elizabeth D.

“Greg at value adjust delivered as promised! He negotiated an increase of $5200.00 with an insurance company that refused to deal with its own policy holder. I highly recommend their service!”

Stephen A.

“The team at Value Adjust made a difficult situation easy. They took care of all negotiations and kept me up to date with the progress. Hopefully I don’t have to use their services in the future 😊 but would absolutely if needed!”

Mike F.

Let’s begin the process! If we cannot obtain or increase your settlement, there will be no charge!


    If you are considering our Loss of Use service:

    Call Now For Help With Diminished Value

    Diminished value is the inherent reduction in monetary value your vehicle WILL suffer compared to a similar undamaged vehicle. Although the insurance company may have paid to restore your vehicle to “pre loss condition,” your car now has a negative history that reduces its resale value in the open market. If you were involved in a not-at-fault accident or your vehicle is appreciating in value, you may qualify.